Since 1968 When Heinz Gunold recognized the need for sales and trade of unique materials for use in the industrial embroidery market, transformed and founded the company Stickma GmbH. Taking from it's strong base of the original company founded in 1927. From this base, it became evident that Gunold needed to expand from the supply of embroidery thread for Multi-needle machines into a Full line solution provider and manufacturer for the embroidery process. Today, Gunold is a world leading manufacturer and supplier to both the commercial and domestic embroidery markets', with subsidiaries in the USA and Canada Gunold Sulky's product line is well known the world over.

Gunold also has a unique and targeted range of Embroidery stabilizers drawing on nearly 100 years of experience to provide some of the best non-woven products available on the market. Gunold products are certified and tested to the highest of European environmental standards including Eco-Tex and GOTS. meaning you can be satisfied that our dies and processes can meet or exceed vegan demand's from your customers.