Product Overview About FuFu's
Product Overview
FuFu's Thread Serves The Embroidery World


Our rayon thread has a bright, silky appearance that adds value to your final products. With over 450 colors you can choose from, we can insure your immediate satisfaction at a moment's notice.
High sheen, smooth running, and with a very competitive price, you can create high productivity and profitability with the choice of FuFu's products.

Our 3D design hat was made of FuFu's rayon by ZSK multi-head embroidery machine at 750~800 RPM speeds.


It was created in response to the latest embroidery industry's demand that a thread should be more colorfast and stretchy than rayon yet remains its beautiful sheen. FuFu's offers you an exceptional resistance to chemical and stonewash polyester thread which serves you to meet your customer's demand. Available in 300 colors.

The finest made products for lace industry.
Specification: 120 d/2 150d/2 & 150d/3


It's our pleasure to offer you a chat which matches 430 FuFu's Rayon colors to the PANTONE COLORS MATCHING SYSTEM®. This will provide convenient and efficient dialogues between you and your valued customers.
*The PANTONE Colors and reference numbers are from the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®.The PANTONE numbers identified as cross-references for the thread colors were determined under fluorescent lighting (4100K) when viewed at a 45 degree angle. The PANTONE-identified Colors may not match PANTONE color Standards. To view the accurate PANTONE-identified Color standards, refer to current PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Publications. PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. Portions © Pantone, Inc. 1963, 1991 Produced under License Agreement No.787R between FuFu's Rayon Co.,Ltd. and Pantone, Inc. ®

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