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FuFu's Rayon Co.,Ltd.:
FuFu (which is "Good luck" in chinese) is the manufacturer of rayon and polyester embroidery threads. We have been in business for over 20 years and possess the knowledge and experience required to produce high-end embroidery threads. FuFu operates two production facilities. One, in Taiwan and the second in the Philippines. All phases of the manufacturing process are performed in-house to insure the quality of threads meet AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colourist), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), and ISO standards (International Standardization Organization).

In-house Production and Quality Control:
FuFu produces a high sheen, high tensile stength, lubricated embroidery thread which results in excellent production and adds magnificent color and luster to your finished products. All phases of the manufacturing process are performed in-house to insure quality. All of FuFu's empolyees are thoroughly trained on the use of the equipment and internal procedures to maintain high level of quality. Each cone is coded so that a lot number, machine, and operator can be identified if necessary. Each lot of new raw material is inspected and tested to make certain the quailty of materials going into production are sufficient for producing a quality product. The same is true for finished products. FuFu uses an internal lab to test random samples of raw materials and finished cones, for control reasons. Furthermore, they contract an independent, international testing lab to measure the quality of their threads with respect to tensile strength and color fastness.

Environmental Safety:
No environmentally harmful products or carcinogens are utilized in the production of our product. All water used to dye our thread is properly treated to separate dye stuff from the water used in production. The inert sandy, grit material which remains is used as a land fill substance to help fight erosion along the coastlines our shores. The use of certain dyes may change in order to adhere to environmental safety regulations. Our commitment to quality includes the safety of our customers and our planet.

FuFu's Thread, Better by Design.
Our embroidery threads are better by design making you more efficient, and your finished products magnificent !
The difference is in the design of our cones and the care we take in wrapping our threads.

FuFu's thread are designed
to make your products better.

Reliable engineering ensures
magnificient embellishments.

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